Resident Room Solutions

Promote resident comfort and independence with the right combination of Senior Care features and hospitality styling

Selecting the right beds, mattresses and furnishings for your Senior Care environment can be a challenging task. Fortunately, our Direct Supply team in China has the knowledge, expertise and access to the ideal products to make things easier for you. Trust us to find the right solutions for your residents and nursing staff.

Adjustable-Height Low Beds

Powered beds move up and down, from a higher, safer working height for caregivers, to a lower, safer sleeping height for sleeping. Extra-wide designs and discreet siderails help keep residents safe and independent.

Panacea 1500 Adjustable Height Low Bed

Pressure-Redistributing Mattresses

Help minimize the risk of pressure ulcers, help prevent falls and lower the risk of entrapment with these foam mattresses designed specifically for the elderly.

Panacea Mattresses
Direct Supply Maxwell Thomas Montreal Collection


Designed with unique features to keep your residents safe while looking beautiful in your community for years to come, Direct Supply’s product offering helps create and sustain that high-end hospitality look you desire.

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Fall Management

Alert your staff when at-risk residents need assistance

When at-risk residents attempt to sit up or stand without caregiver assistance, fall alarms will alert your staff so they can respond and help prevent a fall. An estimated one in three adults age 65 or older experience a fall each year, and many of these instances result in serious injury. Reliable fall alarms are an essential component of successful fall management programs, which often include a variety of interventions.

Fall Management Products

Support your fall management program with even more products to help keep your residents safer. Turn to Direct Supply for low beds, bedside mats, hip protectors, grab bars and more.

Fully Equipped Room

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Lifts & Transfer

Help keep residents and staff safe with reliable lifts and transfer devices

The right equipment can help improve safe lifting practices throughout your community. Your proper use of lifting devices can have a tremendous effect on safety for your residents and employees. And, lifting and transfer devices can also help you promote range of motion, strength and independence for your residents.

Floor Lifts

Floor lifts help to move residents who cannot support their own weight, and assist fallen residents from the floor. Vertical-style lifts move residents straight up and down for easier positioning.

Standing Lift

Sit-To-Stand Lifts

For residents who can bear at least some of their own weight, sit-to-stand lifts can be a more dignified lifting solution and help encourage resident involvement. Sit-to-stand lifts are also easier and faster to use than floor lifts, as well as allow for easy storage.

Transfer & Repositioning Assist Devices

Products including slip/turn sheets, slide boards, gait and ambulation belts, and trapezes can further enhance safety and convenience for residents and staff, as part of your complete safe lifting program.

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Therapy & Fitness

Find all the therapy and fitness equipment you need to enhance resident health and well-being

Rely on Direct Supply to help outfit your therapy and fitness rooms with state-of-the-art equipment, all to set your community apart. We will help you identify and select the perfect products for your seniors.

Exercise Equipment

Find the ideal exercise machines, supplies and storage racks all designed to work beautifully in Senior Care communities.

Treatment Furniture

Help your residents exercise and heal with confidence using high quality parallel bars, stairs, mat platforms and positioners.

Therapy Room


Help relieve pain and increase comfort with hot, cold and electrotherapy devices.


Provide the ideal support for residents from our wide variety of flexible, adjustable orthotics – for both upper and lower body injuries – in many sizes and configurations.


Provide residents with products designed to assist with ADLs (activities of daily living) and motor skills development.

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